Growing Global Citizens

Be the change you wish to see in the world- a quote found often on twitter and Facebook. But how do we action that? We start by expanding our view of the world.
At Aussie Summer Camps, by talking about growing global citizens, we are talking about empowered, independent and confident youth who have made an effort to explore other cultures, get to know other nationalities, and become informed about the world environment.

We believe, that by meeting people from around the world, you instinctively have a vested interest in the plight of people from that area. What if war is affecting that person I met? what if it is affecting their family? their friends?

We believe, that travelling to places around the world, you instinctively have a vested interest in the landscape and environment of that location. What if that oil spill is affecting the ocean that I once snorkelled in? What if that drought is affecting the animals that I saw in that environment? The earthquake has destroyed those historic buildings that I explored?

All of a sudden, once you can associate with people and places, they seem so much closer, so much more relevant, and so much more important to protect. It is true that travelling the world is just as much a pursuit of pleasure, there is no doubt about that. However, more widely travelled people are in general, more accepting, more understanding, and more tolerant of all the wonderful differences that make our world the diverse, fascinating, inspiring place that it is.

By encouraging our children to explore our world as early as possible, we are giving them the gift of open ended aspirations, not governed by borders or boundaries. They can truly believe that they can Be all they can be, wherever they want to be.

Aussie Summer Camps is privileged to be a part of that journey, and take the responsibility of perhaps being the first step in that journey, very seriously. #GrowingGlobalCitizens

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International Teen Travel- Changing Lives

Benefits of International Teen Travel

Anytime you can experience the richness of cultures different from your own by talking with people of other nationalities, travelling internationally, trying foods from other countries and embracing other educational experiences that fall outside of your comfort zone you grow and change in positive ways. And this is just the kind of personal development that can help you stand out in the eyes of college admissions counsellors and future employers in a competitive field of other strong candidates.

For those who can physically get away, international travel, cultural immersion programs and volunteering abroad offer unparalleled exposure to the customs, language and everyday life of diverse communities. This experience is imperative for anyone who’s serious about pursuing public service or global relations work as part of a business or political career.

Specifically, here are five ways educational travel can improve your life:

  • Sharpens self-awareness:Gathering firsthand information about the world seeing different landscapes, experiencing the challenges of certain cultures, listening to the opinions of people in other nations provides a level of mindfulness thats often tough to shake. Profound experiences give people a sense of place and purpose, and they establish lifelong values and priorities.

  • Enhances perspective:Exposure to the problems and perks of other lifestyles helps people break out of cultural-centric thinking. Having a broad awareness of how other people live and what other cultures prioritise can trigger solutions and ideas that don’t necessarily rely on familiar habits and comforts. Cultural immersion through travel and service programs can also help break down language barriers and open new channels of lifelong communication.

  • Fosters independence:Travelling for any amount of time without ones family in a culture that’s different from home can help in ways more profound than any domestic sleep-away camp can. This enriching experience challenges students to open their minds regarding food, friends and basic needs. After all, it’s tougher to take things for granted in unfamiliar situations.

  • Strengthens leadership skills:A person who’s been there and done that simply has more credibility than those who rely on lip service. Instead of relying on others opinions, travellers establish perspective, confidence and conviction that make it easier to gain the respect of others. Plus, international travel, especially with a group or through a program, provides students with a global network of contacts and references.

  • Demonstrates courage:Travelling away from the comfort of friends, family and familiar surroundings is tough. But doing it shows that a person is interested enough in the rest of the world, and confident enough in him- or herself to venture out and discover other parts of the world. This is a character trait that’s very appealing to colleges and employers.

Have a read through a sample of our summer camp program here, or our outbound trip to Vietnam here, and see how your best summer yet, can lead to so much more.


Teen travel improves academic performance

 In an increasingly globalized economy, international travel programs can be your child’s passport to an exciting future. International travel programs are popular among Canadian students for the unique and enriching experience provided outside of the classroom. International travel encourages independence, communication, leadership and language skills while fostering a greater understanding of the world and improving cultural sensitivity and understanding.

The benefit of international teen travel programs is that they provide unique travel experiences in a safe setting designed especially for youth. The friendships, lessons, languages and experiences learned while travelling to different parts of the world and exploring other cultures is truly a unique opportunity for youth.

Educational teen travel improves academic performance in students

A study performed by The Wagner Group found that adults who took educational trips between the ages of 12 and 18 had both better grades and higher incomes than those who did not travel. That’s not all:

  • 86% said travel made them more intellecutally curious
  • 80% said travel made them more interested in school
  • 52% said travel influenced their career choice

Remarkable benefits for educational travel by teens and tweens

Max Muszynski was 13 when he attended a 2 week tripping camp.

“When I came back from my first long trip, my parents told me I had really changed. Before I went on the trip, I was a slacker in school; I wouldn’t do the work I didn’t feel like doing. I wasn’t failing but I was doing pretty bad.”

After his two week canoe-tripping program, Max changed.

“During my trip, it was the first time I had actually been challenged and had to apply myself, or at least that’s what I thought. Now, I take on challenges with an open mind and never give up!”

Max or his parents could never had imagined the life changing experience one teen travel trip could have on their son. What experiences will you provide your teenager?

The above post is directly from the Our Kids website, which can be found here: