Growing Global Citizens

Be the change you wish to see in the world- a quote found often on twitter and Facebook. But how do we action that? We start by expanding our view of the world.
At Aussie Summer Camps, by talking about growing global citizens, we are talking about empowered, independent and confident youth who have made an effort to explore other cultures, get to know other nationalities, and become informed about the world environment.

We believe, that by meeting people from around the world, you instinctively have a vested interest in the plight of people from that area. What if war is affecting that person I met? what if it is affecting their family? their friends?

We believe, that travelling to places around the world, you instinctively have a vested interest in the landscape and environment of that location. What if that oil spill is affecting the ocean that I once snorkelled in? What if that drought is affecting the animals that I saw in that environment? The earthquake has destroyed those historic buildings that I explored?

All of a sudden, once you can associate with people and places, they seem so much closer, so much more relevant, and so much more important to protect. It is true that travelling the world is just as much a pursuit of pleasure, there is no doubt about that. However, more widely travelled people are in general, more accepting, more understanding, and more tolerant of all the wonderful differences that make our world the diverse, fascinating, inspiring place that it is.

By encouraging our children to explore our world as early as possible, we are giving them the gift of open ended aspirations, not governed by borders or boundaries. They can truly believe that they can Be all they can be, wherever they want to be.

Aussie Summer Camps is privileged to be a part of that journey, and take the responsibility of perhaps being the first step in that journey, very seriously. #GrowingGlobalCitizens

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